Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to plan! Everything I do is written down in a planner, on a calendar, or on my hand. Between me and my wonderful mom, we have about 4 different calendars in our house. It is the one thing that keeps us sane.

 According to keeping a calendar helps

  • manage time
  • keeps track of daily tasks and appointments
  • increases productivity
  • organizes various goals
  • clears the mind

And I think that we can all agree that, MAN it feels good to scratch that chore off the list!

For me, I like to browse Pinterest for printable monthly calendars. It has a tone of various types of calendars. You can choose from weekly or monthly calendars, or a grid layout or a more modern look. So many websites make it incredibly easy to print off you own calendar right from your home computer!

Here are a few of my favorite calendars.


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