Travel Plans

Happy Sunday! Good morning to all of you enjoying a much needed weekend! Today I am getting ready for a fun getaway weekend to Oklahoma City. It is only a quick 3 hour drive from where we live, so we are going down there to celebrate my sisters 12th birthday! Today I wanted to share some of my tips and trick to packing quickly and efficiently, and also some traveling outfits to get you through the car or plane ride. Stay tuned to see our quick weekend in OKC and our fun activities.

Step 1: Planning

Decide on what kinds of things you will be doing on your vacation. If its sight seeing, then pack a nice pair of tennis shoes and a pair of comfy jeans (The “off-duty model” look is super hot right now). Write out the days you are going to be staying and check the weather before hand. Planning helps reduce over packing and getting stressed out.

Step 2: Lay outfits together

This step is also part of the planning process, but laying out your outfits before you put them in your bag helps tremendously. It helps you see what you are missing, what you have too much off, and what you are forgetting. Also keep in mind, that it is okay to re-wear a pair of jeans with a different shirt (once, maybe not twice).

Step 3: Don’t forget your toothbrush!

After you put your outfits in a bag, pack a little one for all of your hygiene products. Our family has a travel bag ready, full of labeled toothbrushes, makeup, deodorant, and hair tools.

Step 4: Car ride outfit

Just like in spring, it is important to dress in layers for the ride. Nothing is more annoying when your are sitting next to your sweaty brother, with the air on full blast, while you have goose-bumps! It sure does help to have a jacket or a cardigan to give you a little warmth ( I even pack a blanket). And who wants to ride for 3 hours in jeans! I almost always go in a pair of leggings and a short sleeve.

Step 5: The “To Do” bag

Before I get in the car, I always get together a bag of things to do, or the “to do” bag. I pack things like my phone, my IPad and headphones, my book (if things get crazy and my phone dies), maybe some coloring books and some markers (because I am still 4 years old), and my sunglasses. The bag helps keep everything together and prevents things from getting stepped on or broken in the car.

Well that’s the end of it! I hope this was helpful in making the thought of packing a little less stressful. Safe travels!  🙂



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