Oklahoma City, OK

Hey guys! If you read my last blog post, then you know that we went down to OKC for the weekend. We had a blast down there and crammed so much into 1.5 days! We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Bricktown at the heart of OKC. The rooms were gorgeous and we had a cool view of the town. Saturday night we ate at the Legacy Bar and Grill (which used to be KD’s) and had some AMAZING food!! I had the best crunchy coconut shrimp and banana pudding. After we stuffed ourselves, we squeezed into our swim suits and headed down to the hot tub at the hotel.

On Sunday, we got up around 9:00 and left for our reservations at IFly Indoor Skydiving in OKC. We had such an amazing time flying around in that wind tunnel! It was truly a blast. I won’t lie, I got really nervous pulling up, but I’m glad I suited up because it was so much fun. (And way safer than jumping out a plane). My Instagram has some cool videos if you want to check it out. 

We left the IFly at 11:30 and headed for some brunch at the Renaissance restaurant.  They had a really good buffet breakfast and kids were free! We ended up paying $35 (+ tip). I had a vegi-omelet,which was cooked to perfection, watermelon and some bacon. Then we went to The Escape Room and tried to escape in under 60 minutes (we passed with 15 minutes left!). It was a lot of fun because everyone had to work together and it proved to be a great teamwork exercise. And of course we had to go to the mall before heading home! We went to Anne Taylor The LOFT, American Eagle, the food court (my favorite!). Then, full and tired, we loaded into the Ford Excursion and headed home. 

We had a great weekend in OKC and there is plenty more to do. Hope you guys get a chance to visit! 


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