Burgundy Flounce

Welcome back y’all! It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back and crazy about this burgundy flounce tank! The weather has been really weird lately, being hot and cold and rainy and windy, but I have found a few ensembles that are ready for whatever weather. 

I got this top at the LOFT outlet and really like both colors, white and burgundy. Over spring break we hit the outlets in Branson, MO and this was one of the great finds for $30. It really looks best with black jeans or dark faded denim and some fun sandals. The flounce is so stink’n cute though! I am always trying to find different and uniques pieces that no one will have, for a good price! When I saw this tank, I instantly imagined all of the cardigans and shoes I could pair it with. Black, tan, grey, striped. You name it, I have it! Even during the summer, some cute denim shorts and brown scrappy sandals, and you’ve got an awesome evening outfit! You can’t tell (thanks to photo editing), but I was sweating because it was too hot for April. Even though the top is double layered, it was really light weight and great for a dinner night!

Okay, so enough about my love affair with LOFT! If you want any info about the outfit or hair contanct me through any of my social media or emma05bond@gmail.com . Thanks for reading! 🙂

Top: the LOFT (obviously)

Bottoms: American Eagle

Shoes: Nine West

Hair: head to my YouTube channel

Tank: Merona from Target


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