Army Green and Sneakers

Happy Monday everybody! So far, there haven’t been many April showers my way, but you can count on windy days and 80 degrees. Therefore, my hair has been in ponytails and messy buns. Anything to keep the hair out of my mouth!

Here is a look at my manic Monday outfit that also is very cool. My green jacket, I guess you could call it, is from Chicos.  You heard right…. Chicos! I purchased it about a year ago, so it is no longer in stock, but you can find a ton of army green jackets anywhere these days. I have a few links posted at the bottom of the page. I really like this one because it feels more like a shirt and it is really easy to move in. You don’t get hot and sweaty like you do in the big, heavy jackets. I just wore a plain black tank from Target, and my black jeans made a return with a pair of white sneakers. These white sneakers were shoved in the back of my closet and are probably five years old. So needless to say, these shoes are not sold anymore.

Top: Old Chicos similar here

Bottoms: American Eagle high rise skinny jeans

Shoes: Payless Airwalk sneakers


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