Planks, Push-ups, crunches, OH MY!!

Here are some of my favorite abs exercises.

25 Crunches

30s plank

15 push ups

30 total steam engines

30 leg raises

25 oblique crunches (each side)

Whenever I’m in doubt, I love to use my SWORKIT app for any type of workout!



Steam engine


New Year Workout Gear

Happy 2017! To start off the new year I did 30 min of cardio. I ran a 2 mile loop outside in this beautiful Oklahoma weather! After, I did a killer ab circuit! This top is one of my favorite purchases this year. It is super soft and just the right fabric for a winter run!

Top: lululemon. The one show is no longer available, but I found one very similar here

Sports bra: Victoria’s Secret

Leggings: American Eagle. Similar ones found here

* Victoria’s Secret and American eagle are having their semi anual sales going on now. For a limited time only.*

Peplum and Puffy Sleeves

As winter continues, Oklahoma weather only gets colder. Sweater are a must for me once it gets below 50 degrees. For New Year’s Eve I decided to go with a gold peplum sweater paired with a pair black leggings and suede chukka boots from Target. I wore the leggings to keep my outfit casual. If you wanted to dress it up, this top would look great with a pair of black or denim jeans!

Top: Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls

Bottoms: Old Navy leggings

Shoes: Target


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to plan! Everything I do is written down in a planner, on a calendar, or on my hand. Between me and my wonderful mom, we have about 4 different calendars in our house. It is the one thing that keeps us sane.

 According to keeping a calendar helps

  • manage time
  • keeps track of daily tasks and appointments
  • increases productivity
  • organizes various goals
  • clears the mind

And I think that we can all agree that, MAN it feels good to scratch that chore off the list!

For me, I like to browse Pinterest for printable monthly calendars. It has a tone of various types of calendars. You can choose from weekly or monthly calendars, or a grid layout or a more modern look. So many websites make it incredibly easy to print off you own calendar right from your home computer!

Here are a few of my favorite calendars.


Hey everybody! And welcome to my very first blog! I am so excited to join and share all of my little insider tips. I will cover everything from fashion to home decor, organization tips and much more! I love using celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Lauren Conrad, as my fashion inspiration. Since I am 16 years old, I like to find ways to style a great outfit without the heels, handbags, or obscene plunging necklines. I put together all of my outfits with a level of modesty that is hard to find for young girls. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me anytime! Thanks for following!