Travel Plans

Happy Sunday! Good morning to all of you enjoying a much needed weekend! Today I am getting ready for a fun getaway weekend to Oklahoma City. It is only a quick 3 hour drive from where we live, so we are going down there to celebrate my sisters 12th birthday! Today I wanted to share some of my tips and trick to packing quickly and efficiently, and also some traveling outfits to get you through the car or plane ride. Stay tuned to see our quick weekend in OKC and our fun activities.

Step 1: Planning

Decide on what kinds of things you will be doing on your vacation. If its sight seeing, then pack a nice pair of tennis shoes and a pair of comfy jeans (The “off-duty model” look is super hot right now). Write out the days you are going to be staying and check the weather before hand. Planning helps reduce over packing and getting stressed out.

Step 2: Lay outfits together

This step is also part of the planning process, but laying out your outfits before you put them in your bag helps tremendously. It helps you see what you are missing, what you have too much off, and what you are forgetting. Also keep in mind, that it is okay to re-wear a pair of jeans with a different shirt (once, maybe not twice).

Step 3: Don’t forget your toothbrush!

After you put your outfits in a bag, pack a little one for all of your hygiene products. Our family has a travel bag ready, full of labeled toothbrushes, makeup, deodorant, and hair tools.

Step 4: Car ride outfit

Just like in spring, it is important to dress in layers for the ride. Nothing is more annoying when your are sitting next to your sweaty brother, with the air on full blast, while you have goose-bumps! It sure does help to have a jacket or a cardigan to give you a little warmth ( I even pack a blanket). And who wants to ride for 3 hours in jeans! I almost always go in a pair of leggings and a short sleeve.

Step 5: The “To Do” bag

Before I get in the car, I always get together a bag of things to do, or the “to do” bag. I pack things like my phone, my IPad and headphones, my book (if things get crazy and my phone dies), maybe some coloring books and some markers (because I am still 4 years old), and my sunglasses. The bag helps keep everything together and prevents things from getting stepped on or broken in the car.

Well that’s the end of it! I hope this was helpful in making the thought of packing a little less stressful. Safe travels!  🙂



Army Green and Sneakers

Happy Monday everybody! So far, there haven’t been many April showers my way, but you can count on windy days and 80 degrees. Therefore, my hair has been in ponytails and messy buns. Anything to keep the hair out of my mouth!

Here is a look at my manic Monday outfit that also is very cool. My green jacket, I guess you could call it, is from Chicos.  You heard right…. Chicos! I purchased it about a year ago, so it is no longer in stock, but you can find a ton of army green jackets anywhere these days. I have a few links posted at the bottom of the page. I really like this one because it feels more like a shirt and it is really easy to move in. You don’t get hot and sweaty like you do in the big, heavy jackets. I just wore a plain black tank from Target, and my black jeans made a return with a pair of white sneakers. These white sneakers were shoved in the back of my closet and are probably five years old. So needless to say, these shoes are not sold anymore.

Top: Old Chicos similar here

Bottoms: American Eagle high rise skinny jeans

Shoes: Payless Airwalk sneakers

Burgundy Flounce

Welcome back y’all! It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back and crazy about this burgundy flounce tank! The weather has been really weird lately, being hot and cold and rainy and windy, but I have found a few ensembles that are ready for whatever weather. 

I got this top at the LOFT outlet and really like both colors, white and burgundy. Over spring break we hit the outlets in Branson, MO and this was one of the great finds for $30. It really looks best with black jeans or dark faded denim and some fun sandals. The flounce is so stink’n cute though! I am always trying to find different and uniques pieces that no one will have, for a good price! When I saw this tank, I instantly imagined all of the cardigans and shoes I could pair it with. Black, tan, grey, striped. You name it, I have it! Even during the summer, some cute denim shorts and brown scrappy sandals, and you’ve got an awesome evening outfit! You can’t tell (thanks to photo editing), but I was sweating because it was too hot for April. Even though the top is double layered, it was really light weight and great for a dinner night!

Okay, so enough about my love affair with LOFT! If you want any info about the outfit or hair contanct me through any of my social media or . Thanks for reading! 🙂

Top: the LOFT (obviously)

Bottoms: American Eagle

Shoes: Nine West

Hair: head to my YouTube channel

Tank: Merona from Target

Oklahoma City, OK

Hey guys! If you read my last blog post, then you know that we went down to OKC for the weekend. We had a blast down there and crammed so much into 1.5 days! We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Bricktown at the heart of OKC. The rooms were gorgeous and we had a cool view of the town. Saturday night we ate at the Legacy Bar and Grill (which used to be KD’s) and had some AMAZING food!! I had the best crunchy coconut shrimp and banana pudding. After we stuffed ourselves, we squeezed into our swim suits and headed down to the hot tub at the hotel.

On Sunday, we got up around 9:00 and left for our reservations at IFly Indoor Skydiving in OKC. We had such an amazing time flying around in that wind tunnel! It was truly a blast. I won’t lie, I got really nervous pulling up, but I’m glad I suited up because it was so much fun. (And way safer than jumping out a plane). My Instagram has some cool videos if you want to check it out. 

We left the IFly at 11:30 and headed for some brunch at the Renaissance restaurant.  They had a really good buffet breakfast and kids were free! We ended up paying $35 (+ tip). I had a vegi-omelet,which was cooked to perfection, watermelon and some bacon. Then we went to The Escape Room and tried to escape in under 60 minutes (we passed with 15 minutes left!). It was a lot of fun because everyone had to work together and it proved to be a great teamwork exercise. And of course we had to go to the mall before heading home! We went to Anne Taylor The LOFT, American Eagle, the food court (my favorite!). Then, full and tired, we loaded into the Ford Excursion and headed home. 

We had a great weekend in OKC and there is plenty more to do. Hope you guys get a chance to visit! 

Angel Worthy Abs

Oh my goodness, you guys! It is almost swimsuit season and that alone is reason to celebrate! The hardest thing for me to control is my intake of bread and carbs. The thing that has helped me most is stocking our fridge with a LOT of fruits and vegetables. Coming home from school my go to snack was like two bowls of cereal! I have really tried to replace my cereal with apples and peanut butter. The apples give an extra boost of energy and the peanut butter tides me over until dinner.

Along with a better afternoon snack, I have been running for 30 min (2.5 miles) almost everyday. When I have a particularly unhealthy day, I try to run a little harder. I also threw in about 30 min of strength training after my run. I currently am loving my Victoria’s Secret Full Body Workout. I usually focus on three sections of the workout and do 2-3 rounds.VS Workout

And before the end of the day, I have to say how amazing these cropped legging from Old Navy are! They are high waisted and a dark green color called emerald isle. The reason I love these so much is because when I run they stay up and I am not constantly having to pull them up. I bet you can tell by now that I am a sucker for a good pair of high-waisted leggings! I paired it up with a long line seamless sports bra (which I was very hesitant about buying, but I am so glad I did because I love it!) It is something totally different from what I have and I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of support it has. Definitely a good buy! And you may have seen my long sleeve Lululemon top in my previous posts, but I had to include it again because it is super soft.

See below for outfit info!

Top: Lululemon

Bottoms: Old Navy

Cropped bra: Victoria’s Secret 

Shoes: Nike

Rock and Roll x Vanderbilt

On this rainy and gloomy day, it is no surprise that I slept in a little too long. Twenty minutes before I headed out the door, I ran a flat iron over the ends of my hair, slapped on some makeup, and opted for a punk rock look. I wore my FAVORITE pair of athleisure leggings by Calia by Carrie and my Vanderbilt t shirt with a moto jacket. It is a perfect outfit for the days when you want to be comfy but also look out together.


Top: Vanderbilt College T-shirt

Jacket: Target Moto jacket similar here

Leggings: Calia by Carrie Moto Tights in plum ( I also have the plum and I swear by these leggings! They are the best!) * currently on sale for $40 but hurry because they sell out fast!

Shoes: Black Converse from Kohls

Spring Air

Hello lovelies! I don’t know about you, but I am so happy that spring is finally here. However, no matter how many times I wear my glossy red Hunter boots, the fluctuating weather is always a problem. In Oklahoma the weather may be 40 degrees on the way to school and 80 degrees by the time we are let out. But, one word solves all of my spring wardrobe obstacles. Layers. It is the key to staying covered in the morning hours and able to cool off in the afternoon.

I styled a royal blue peplum tank from the Old Navy Outlet with a light weight grey cardigan from American Eagle. I have two of these tank tops, one in blue and one in white, and I love them both so much! They are comfortable, easy to wear with leggings or jeans, and look AMAZING. I seriously love them so much!  I wore it with a pair of black high-waisted jeans from American Eagle, but white jeans or shorts would look super adorable 🙂

Have a great rest of the week!

xoxo – Emma


Tank top 

Cardigan similar here

Jeans * STEAL!! when you order through the app on American Eagle you get 25% off! Ends Wed. 3/29/17

Shoes similar here